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Intelligent Sensors and Systems is a full-service consulting and engineering company specializing in the electro-optical imaging applications. We deliver on-demand expertise you can trust and tailor each project engagement to your specific design, budget, time to market, and requirements.
From initial product concept to prototype and development, we offer a wide variety of services, from complete sensor design to mechanical packaging and a full complement of consulting services to ensure your product integration is successful.

Night Vision

Over 20 years experience in the design and development of Night Vision sensors and devices

Low Power

Optimized solution for long battery life and man portable devices

Low Latency

Optimized architecture and algorithms for real-time imaging applications

Image Processing

Tailored achitecture, intellectual properties and algorithms for enhancing Night Vision and Thermal imagery

System Engineering

Developing complete systems for Night Vision, Thermal and Low Light Imaging Applications- wearable, mountable or hand-held

Rapid Prototyping

Throrough design and concept reviews lead to critical design layouts for rapid prototyping in our fully equipped model shop

Areas of Expertise

From designing concepts, manufacturing prototypes to delivering fully marketable products, our dedicated team of engineers, research scientists, programmers, and support staff have the experience and expertise to understand the engineering and design challenges that you face and to craft innovative solutions to meet your project’s diverse requirements.

Design Requirements

We will sit down with you to review and refine your requirements in-depth, to ensure we fully understand your product and expected performance.

- Customer cost
- Technical requirements
- Market and trade analysis
- Key technology identification
- Baseline system architecture
- Performance modeling

Concept Design

We'll come up with a concept and lay out the various components in accordance with your requirements. We review these with you for your input and approval.

- Critical component selection
- System block diagram
- Electro-optical initial design
- Mechanical concept design
- Firmware/software requirements

Critical Design

We'll create a series of designs encompassing all the critical architecture of the device. We review these with you for your input and approval.

- Mechanical design
- Schematic board capture
- Electronic board layout
- Firmware design and verification
- Software architecture

Prototype Fabrication

We'll create small-batch prototypes to validate your product. From machining, to circuit boards, we can provide you all the services for complete prototyping under one roof.

- Mechanical fabrication
- Board fabrication and assembly
- Firmware and software integration
- Prototype system assembly
- Documentation.

About Intelligent Sensors and Systems

Located in Allen, Texas, Intelligent Sensors and Systems offers a wealth of talent, creativity, and expertise. Serving multi-disciplinary industries ranging from commercial, medical, to defense applications, we strive to operate with honesty, respect, and integrity in all that we do.

Our team’s diverse experience and knowledge enable us to deliver on mission critical objectives and provide innovative, on-demand turnkey solutions for any project. We also provide customized consulting services for new product development as well as enhancements of existing products. We believe that cost and quality go hand-in-hand in any meaningful engineering partnership.

System Engineering

  • Specifications

  • Requirements

  • Modeling

  • Architecture

Electronic Circuitry

  • Schematic

  • Layout

  • Assembly

  • Test

Software and Firmware

  • Microcontrollers

  • FPGA

  • Embedded Linux

  • LabVIEW

Housing and Assembly

  • Housings Design

  • Tooling

  • CNC Machining

  • 3D Printing

Imaging Expertise

Intelligent Sensors & Systems CTO, Loig E. Bourree, Ph.D, is globally recognized an innovator of low light imaging devices. He has led night vision and low-light imaging sensor R&D teams at night vision integration manufacturing leaders, L3 and Photonis. Dr. Bourree has also won awards for his sensor designs.

Dr. Bourree joined Intelligent Sensors & Systems in 2018 to bring digital, lightweight solutions to the market quickly and with thoughtful designs suited for surveillance, man-portable and IoT systems.

Design Engineering

Intelligent Sensors & Systems designs solutions for system integrators and OEMs. We specialize in solutions for man-portable imaging systems, low light imaging, persistence surveillance and IoT. Our depth of knowledge and rapid prototype approach allows you to get product to market quickly.

Our expertise can assist you with complete system integration, reducing system noise, optimizing image quality, reducing power consumption and latency issues. 

Partnering with Us

When you partner with us, you will work with our team to understand how we can best help make your project a success. We typically work with two-way non-disclosure agreements to protect the proprietary information and technologies of our company and products as well as yours.

Our engineering capabilities include low light sensor design, image processing boards, mechanical design, prototyping and small-batch manufacturing. 

Minority Owned

Intelligent Sensors & Systems is a favorable partner choice for larger OEMs and contracting officers who need 8(a) set-aside small-business partners. Our company is both woman-owned and minority-owned.

Founded in 2011, we have a proven track record of fulfilling requirements for industry, government and military applications. Our engineering services, combined with low-light digital sensor expertise provides our customers with thoughtfully designed solutions for man-portable devices, surveillance cameras and IoT systems.

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333 E. Bethany Drive
Bldg. H, Suite 110
Allen, TX 75002



Phone: +1 (469) 949-9095